Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I access my unit?

The Vasse Storage Solutions (VSS) complex is a secure complex with access via an electronic gate. When you lease a storage unit or hardstand from us, you are granted access to the facility via your mobile phone. Your unit can be fitted with your own padlock.

Secure your unit with your own padlock

Vasse Storage Solutions is located in the Vasse Business Park at 9 Ostler Drive.

Are my possessions secure?

VSS complex is fully fenced and has 24 hour lighting. Access to the facility is gained via a single, electronic controlled security gate with the facility enclosed in a secure fence. Your storage unit can be fitted with your own padlock. The facility has a CCTV system which records all movement in, out and around the facility.

What Size Unit?

The most frequent question for storage is “how much space will I require?”

Busselton Storage Solutions has a range of unit sizes to cover all your requirements. All storage units are 3m high to provide plenty of room for tall objects or just to enable you to pack your belongings higher.

Click the link below to estimate your required storage.

Storage Estimator

3m x 2m (18m3)Contents of a unit. Approximately 96 Storage cartons.
DSCF6704 (1)6m x 3m (54m3)Approximately the size of a standard garage. Contents of a 3 or small 4 bedroom home. Car , small boat or trailer.


A Classic bolwell Mk 7 is shown here.

6x4 unit6m x 4m (72m3)Contents of a large 4-5 bedroom house.


A Discovery3 is shown in the photo for comparison

9x69m x 6m (162m3)Contents of a 4 bedroom home together with the family car or a small boat or trailer.
Can I store my car, boat, caravan or trailer on site?

Vasse Storage Solutions has hardstands available for boat storage, caravan storage, trailer storage or any other large equipment. Hard stands are either 7.5m long or 15m long and 3m wide.

With wide turning circles, getting in and out of your hardstand is easy and hassle free. The hardstands are inside the secure complex with 24 hour lighting and security cameras.

Packing tips
  • Using packing boxes makes it easier to pack your belongings at home in preparation for transporting to your storage unit.
  • Label all packing boxes clearly. This is useful if you find you need to remove something from storage.
  • Be mindful of the weight of packing boxes. Completely filling a packing box with books for example becomes very heavy and hard to move.
  • Cover all furniture.
  • A smaller unit will save money, however a larger unit will not only fit more items, it will also improve access to your belongings should it be required.